Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kindness Live @ 100 Club

I'm finding it hard to classify Kindness. One thing I can say is it was one of the most fascinating live sets I've seen in a long time. From genre hopping through down beat atmospheric chill out, through Funk, even taking in the Eastenders theme tune, there seems to be no boundaries.

Despite being on the circuit for  a couple of years now, it's taken a long time for an album proper to surface.

Instant classic and a track we often like to close our nights off with 'Swinging Party' sounds as fresh as ever but the highlight of the show has to be their deep, minimal cover of Roy Davis Jnr ft. Peven Everett - Gabriel, a classic house cut that will perpetually live in DJ crates around the world.  Not the sort of track that's easily done justice then but their sensitive approach takes it in new direction and one that works really well.


And here's Ivan Smagghe's slight tweak on Swinging Party, just an extension on the intro really


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