Friday, 30 March 2012

Hot Chip - Flutes

We figured it's been a fair few days since our last post so thought we'd dive straight in with a 'hot damn, new track for who?!' post. Despite touring pretty much constantly for over 2 years, or what felt like 2 years, Hot Chip managed to finally knuckle down and pen some more tracks.

Ears automatically prick up round these neck of the woods when such new becomes apparent, and appetite is suitably whetted by the time a new track lands in the in-box. Now the cynic in me was hoping not to be disappointed as can so often be the case with these things. But thankfully this doesn't fall into that trap. If 'Flutes' is a sign of things to come then we're all ears.

'Flutes' is the first track from their hotly anticipated 5th Studio Album, Released June 11th.

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