Thursday, 26 January 2012


I feel like I might be a little late on this one, better late than never right? Although the Wolf Music imprint has firmly been on the radar for a while now, the masterful achievements of one pack member has until now escaped my attention. Greymatter AKA Graham Luckhurst is starting to put together a CV of tracks and remixes that are surely worthy of a 'one to watch' tag.
First up, this masterful remix of The Rature's 'Come Back To Me' adds enough squelching bassline and cut up vocals to keep the house heads interested, whilst keeping enough of the original in place to not offend the purists out there. Expect this one to see off many a set in the coming months. We like freebies too, and Greymatter has made this one available as a free .wav which you can grab exclusively over at Feel My Bicep . Check it here

Second up we have a track of his very own handy work. Dominated by a hard and dark bassline, made slightly more friendly by the looped vocals almost distantly placed over the top. This is an absolutely bomb! With remixes coming soon from Casino Times, out now on Vinyl only with a digital release no doubt coming soon. Check the track and the original video that accompanies it here. Pure. Solid. Gold.

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